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Updates Galore 03: Big lump o stuff - a world of possibility
Updates Galore 03: Big lump o stuff
Bored of typing but want to get stuff out so . . .

So, I had an audition this morning and it went well. I could feel that they were focused on me (YAY). There were also a lot of people for them still to see. I'm just glad when I feel as if they liked my work, regardless of if they choose to use me.

I set up an audition for a big movie. Apparently I definitely have a part, they're just not sure what. I'll wait until it actually happens - *knock* *knock* on mini sized desk for mini sized me.


We are 3 weeks away for the opening of STOCKWOOD!!!!

On that note (I already mentioned this, but eh, whatever) I bought my first bodice. It was an interesting trip with some stockwood peeps. melebeth, pamlin was supposed to come but got a migraine :(, ulfie (sean), erika, and two other people whose names I am not currently remembering - but the girl had a beautiful fairy necklace! Twas fun. It even included a dog that was cute, but liked me a lil too much, lol.

For those who don't make it to the faire, I will be nice and post photos.


I was having a discussion with someone (well sort of-it's through e-mail, lol) about beauty. In order to rebut my opinions I decided to back it up with some facts throughout history. This meant research. I haven't finished piecing it together, but once I do I will be posting it because I want to keep it. It was a very interesting read.


Finally finished tweaking my resume and am hoping it impresses some of the agencies enough to have them allow me to take their tests. I didn't realize that not anyone could take the test, that they were picky.

I really need some spending money b/c I already spend more than I want to and I'm going crazy not being able to take classes or do as many things as I'd like - not all of which are for me.


Kitties are near the end of toilet training (YIPPEE). Today was get rid of litter box/put litter on saran wrap under toilet seat day.

I just hope it all goes smoothly from here *crosses fingers*


Enough babbling from me!

Gonna go read some, but not till after a nice relaxing shower.

I hope everyone is well and warm.

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