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a world of possibility
So I bought myself something yesterday.

It's the first thing I've bought for myself in a while (other than necessity type stuff - food, office supplies, etc.)

I bought this cute little guy.

He's actually smaller than the picture. His name is the Eyebright Fairy (in case the type is too small on the picture).

In case no one knows, I like fairies.

I finally walked into that store yesterday, the one I have walked by and then couldn't find and since I re-found it have wanted to go into.

They didn't have my first choice

He's the Box Tree Fairy.
I found the pictures on at AddAnAccent.com.

Unfortunately they don't sell directly to consumers.

Fortunately they have links to sites that do sell them.

They're a little expensive, but I like em :)

Sometimes soon I'll post the pictures from Colorado, probably when the Black and Whites get back.

Well, everyone else was doing it mom

our name of Elysa gives you a strong sense of responsibility in business and material affairs, and the practicality and determination to make a success of anything you undertake. You are self-sufficient and capable, and have an interest in positions of leadership and responsibility. You are competent in directing the efforts of others, as you have good business judgment and the natural understanding of people. Very likely you have assumed much responsibility early in life and are often required to make major decisions. You appreciate settled, accumulative conditions, and a high standard of living. You have a strong, determined nature and tend to dominate others, and to interfere, at times, in your desire to be helpful. This name gives you many good characteristics, but it is too strong, creating a materialistic nature and bringing out a forceful, demanding quality. The heavy responsibility your name creates can result in a worrying, intense nature. It spoils the development and expression of your warmer, more feminine attributes. It causes tension and allied problems in the female organs.

This second one is more the, well lets just say it's another side of me - I guess the more intimate side (in the nice sense, not in the sexual sense).

The name of Pixie contains within it an intense emotional power that could drive you to put forth great effort to accomplish your ambitions and to do something noteworthy and worthwhile. There are humanitarian ideals in this name, making you feel the urge to champion the cause of the downtrodden, the victims of circumstances and injustices. However, it is difficult for you to materialize your ideals because of a restless, unsettled feeling which causes you never to know just what it is that you should be working toward, and the very intensity of your nature makes systematic concentration and application a challenge. You can have intensely contrasting feelings toward people, either you are fiercely loyal or extremely intolerant. There is rarely a happy medium in your feelings. Consequently, you experience many disappointments in people, tragedy, and the loss of the very things for which you may be intensely striving. Bitter experiences could make you cynical, critical, and argumentative. You find it difficult to see the brighter or humorous side of a situation. This name makes you nervous and highly strung, causing tension affecting your nervous system and solar plexus.

And if you really are bored, I put the same names down and stated that I was male. I find it interesting that there's a difference.

Your name Elysa gives you a strong sense of responsibility in business and material affairs, and the practicality and determination to make a success of anything you undertake. Your ability to organize and direct the efforts of others enables you to excel in any managerial position because you have the ability to grasp the concept of a goal complete with an understanding of the steps to be taken. This name has allowed you to develop depth and breadth of mind. You are able to retain facts, to grasp new information to your existing store of knowledge. You never seem to be out of your depth of understanding. For these reasons others who may not have the same quickness of mind classify you as a "know it all" and, although you may be highly respected, this characteristic is unlikely to endear you to your associates. You have a very responsible nature, are capable and mature, and are willing to assume a position as a pillar of the community. You are quite healthy, but possible trouble areas are found in the generative organs.

The name of Pixie gives you a very inquisitive, restless, seeking nature. You feel impelled by intense desires that you cannot comprehend or satisfy. You have had the desire to accomplish something outstanding and to do something very worthwhile for humanity, especially early in your life. This name gives you a versatile, clever, analytical mind, but unfortunately you cannot direct your interest toward an undertaking for long, as you do not have the patience and practicality for systematic hard work and attention to detail. You resent obstacles, delays, and restrictions. This name gives you ambition, high ideals, and much creative ability, but the intense dynamic nature is too often spent in feelings and in moods, rather than in constructive action. You desire to be your own boss, yet you find it difficult to stabilize your life and to settle down and be accumulative. Your feelings swing from optimism to pessimism. You can be very cynical and caustic, and you subject those around you to outbursts of temper and moods of self-pity. Your home-life particularly would suffer. This name has given you an appreciation for refinement, and the better things in life such as art, music, and literature. You can express a very friendly, debonair personality to strangers which invariably makes a very favourable impression. It has been your experience that once you lose control to indulgent habits, for example, smoking, drinking, or emotional outbursts, it is very difficult to retain control. You would be affected in the health through a sensitive solar plexus and nervous system. Nervous disorders, nervous indigestion, and stomach ulcers could develop.

I got all this from http://www.kabalarians.com/ I saw the idea in mcallahan's journal.

I really should go do something productive, lol. I'm going to go read more of my book!

I hope you are well

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musus From: musus Date: April 5th, 2003 01:02 am (UTC) (Link)
Just out of curiosity, have you ever had your name analyzed by any other methods? If so, did it agree with what that site said? I ask because the meaning I got for my name didn't much agree with other interpretations I've had in the past. Just curious.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: April 5th, 2003 07:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Nope, never had my name analyzed before.

When/where did you do that?

I have no idea what else to say on the subject other than only you truly know you. :)

I hope you are well
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