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Busy Giddy Bee - a world of possibility
Busy Giddy Bee
OK, so
Friday night, arrive home about 11PM from La Guardia. I returned from the wonderful Colorado.

It was much fun, but a teeny bit stressful. I took some pictures that hopefully will come out well - once I finish the second roll, they're black and white - I will post them if they turn out well (an lj cut of course).

I really wish I could've stayed for the wedding. I've only just gotten to know these cousins (or second cousins or whatever) because of the age difference. When I was growing up, they were already in college or close to it. So the one who is getting married and his fiance are really realy good people. I didn't realize how good until Thursday night at the dinner for family. I hope they contact me next time they visit NY.

So on to the rest of the weekend.

Up at 6am for rehearsal - which went really well for the first day of being off book. The first day always scares me, no matter how prepared I am. There's always this fear of seeming like I didn't do any work, even if I did, and blanking. I think it goes back to HS stuff and how with lines I pick them up more easily than most things I learn, and therefore never feel I do enough work and therefore feel I won't know the lines. Eh, that's what I get for being a procrastination worker, lol.

So yeah, it went pretty well.

On the way to rehearsal pamlin got a phone call from someone who was proposed to. It was nice, even if by default, to hear about good things happening. I wish her much understanding, caring, and good years together :)

I got back into the city after rehearsal and rushed to my meeting with someone whom I auditioned for. The meeting ended with me saying I couldn't make the audition because it was monday evening. He said he made the audition monday so that I could make it, but what he forgot was that I had said during the day. I of course didn't tell him he didn't listen - because it wouldn't change anything now. So I said thank you, good luck, and headed home.

I don't remember anything exciting Saturday night other than going to sleep in my own bed (well I did that friday, but it wasn't for long enough, lol).

Sunday I went to see Motzart's "The Magic Flute" because my voice teacher was in it. She did wonderful. I saw Ann, a lovely person, and her friend. during intermission. Unfortunately I did not get to talk to her other than intermission because I had to run to a production meeting.

Production meeting for the YMCA sow that we just got the space for. So . . . I really didn't need to be at this meeting, lol. I've been dubbed secretary basically. I won't be at a good 3 or 4 production meetings (I think there are only 6 total, lol) but he knew this before he made the schedule. He doesn't completely pay attention sometimes though, actually often in fact, lol. Oh well. As long as I get to act in it I'm happy b/c it means it's a showcase I can invite people - both professional and friends - to.

Went home and started to work on my resume, or asked a friend musus for advice and help if possible. I crashed soon after and resume was pushed to monday. I realized today I missed the one show I watch a week EEP.

Oh! And at some point on sunday I called the man whom I said I couldn't go to the callback and said I could go as long as I was done by 7PM.

Monday, my love eh lee friend musus helped me TONS with my resume - thanks - and I will finish it tomorrow and e-mail it to my teacher before going to the agencies for proofreading.

So went to audition/callback. I guess it went well because I'm meeting with him again at Starbucks, lol.

This was followed by a wonderful evening with pamlin and melebeth. You can read about it here and/or here. It was wonderfully fun.

I am slowly enjoying more evenings out with friends. I must remember to just make plans and not worry so much about other conflicts that aren't yet there as well as it's ok to enjoy once in a while. Hopefully (*crosses fingers*) the proofreading will work well so I can afford to see friends funds wise as well as time wise.

For some reason, when I got home last night, probably the full of giddyness, I could not sleep. I watched some TV for a bit. I'm still in a weird mood, have been since before I left for CO, but hopefully it is a good weird mood (can't decide yet).

That brings us to today. I got a phone call. The business investment is actually going well - YAY.

He called today and says "we're closing the business and opening a hotdog stand". MY response "ha ha ha". I know his humor a bit too well, lol.

In other good news, I will be having an audition for another film. I hope it goes well. This one might lead to actual payment, lol.

Last lil bit of info, I am on day 5 of toilet training my kitties (out of 21 days, though I think it will be a bit shorter *crosses fingers*). It's going well so far. *knock* *knock* on desk.

OK, I've spent waaaay more time on this computer than I had hoped (and m stomach is now yelling at me for it) so, unless something major happens, there probably won't be much from me for a few days or so.

Something I have been trying to change my habits on is what I "HAVE" to do or not do. I sometimes cause myself too much stress because of what I think I "should" or "shouldn't" do, when really there is no definite. As well as getting going with stuff that is more important than other stuff. These are conflicting often.

One more thing (yeah, yeah, I know), it kind of has to do with the seeing more people lately. I usually don't put links, or haven't any time recently, but something has been happening recently. I can't quiteput my finger on what exactly it is, but something with the interweaving of everything. There is so much that goes on and affects so many people, or touches them at the very least. I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to say, but there are many layers and many directions and it is all so wonderful!

-yeah, tha was one of those things that makes sense in my head and won't come out of there in one coherent piece to show a clear picture.

FOOD and errands :)

I hope everyone is well

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avhi From: avhi Date: April 1st, 2003 01:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
::homer-like voice:: Mmmmmmmm....Colorado....

thank ya for yer lovely wishes, bebe! It was very cool to know I got a whole bunch of people in one shot! :)

Cabaret...I'm so jealous! :)

Smooches and hugs!
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