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Alternate Reality ? - a world of possibility
Alternate Reality ?
Proofreading was interesting. I felt like I was grading papers - like a teacher, lol.

Ideally I would like to proofread books, like novels just because then it would a little more interesting as well as the grammar not needing to be as perfect because it comes down to personal style rather than "perfect" grammar. On the other hand legal and financial not only pays more, but by it not being interesting I won't get distracted probably.

Anyhow. . .

bout to head to bed, my brain is missing, or rather in an odd state, and therefore I shall put a quote from my 2nd to most recent book on tape Bagombo Snuff Box by Kurt Vonnegut - whom, if the I listened correctly, wrote Slaughterhouse Five which I've never read, only heard of - and relate it to why I sometimes get overwhelmed in writing in any of my numerous journals.

yes, lots of mispelling and skipping some parts (if there is too much skipped to understand, ask or get the book :)

"publication of this book makes me want to talk about the peculiar and beneficial affect a short story can have on us, which makes it different from a novel or movie or play or TV show . . . . . . . . .
A short story, because of it's physiological and psychological affects on a human being is more closely related to budhist styles of meditation than it is to any other form of narrative entertainment. What you have in this volume then, and every other collection of short stories, is a bunch of budhist catnaps.
Reading a novel, War and Peace for example, is no catnap because a novel is so long reading one is like being married forever to somebody nobody else knows or cares about, definitely not refreshing.

Have you ever read a book or seen a movie or TV show and then had someone do or say something or an event occur that reminds you of that movie or book? It's like an inside joke, only you have no one to share it with. Or as he says above with the marriage line.

So much happens in our lives, and we so often want to connect with people, so when there are connections, maybe you and I went to some bar and there was a guy wearing a red cowboy hat but the rest of his apparel matched that of a "fierce" biker. We even had a conversation with him

He stood out so much in our minds that now whenever we see something out of place, or someone thinks to make a quick uneducated judgment about someone else, we think of or mention the red cowboy hat - nothing more. Sometimes we don't say anything but just look at each other and laugh, having read each others minds. We have a "moment". It is an inside joke, or connection. And it does not happen because we want to exclude anyone. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is because we want to have something to share with someone else. Something that makes us feel closer more connected to the person or people around us, therefore more connected to the world and life - proving to ourselves that we are alive and we do exist.

OK, maybe not to the extent at the end of that paragraph, but you get the idea. Well our lives to us are like that private joke or that marriage because there will always be something that reminds us of someone else, but if we don't have someone to share it with, share that moment of connection, it might do the opposite, make us feel disconnected from the world because no one else understands whatever emotion that event or remembrance caused, or at least not to the full extent possible.

I guess I want to be able to have whomever might want to read back through my accounts of how I feel and what I've been through (good or bad) sit in on my private jokes. I want them to have the ability to understand to the full extent.

And I babble, lol.

I have no idea what I'm trying to say, and I'm getting on a tangent and roaming in not so good territory, so . . . on to things I am happy about

Things that make me smile

* I will be spending an entire week in wonderful snow piled room to breath outdoors Colorado. I will be with family and hopefully get to see my friend, possibly 2 of them.

* I will be having lunch with at least one female this week, possibly 3. This is always both a challenge and refreshing. There is no "normal" for me I have discovered, but sometimes I crave things. Actually I should put it better as, there are things which I don't realize are exactly what I need. Lately it has been "normal" interactions with people. Those interactions that are no worry, no purpose, just enjoyment of company. NOT, networking, rehearsal, auditions, interviews, volunteering - no reason other than company. Don't mistake this as complaining about company elsewhere, especially for the sake of rehearsal which is one of the highlights of my week. I enjoy it everywhere, just rarely get it without purpose.

*Interviewing roommates. I've already met one interesting person
*Toilet training my cats when I get back from Colorado (yes, toilet training)

*My camera works, the manual old canon. I will eventually be taking more photos. What i love about photography is the ability to show the rest of the world what you see. It lets me see what others see, one thing which can't be explained, must be shown. Yes, not exactly what they see because you're not in their head, but it's a very good attempt at taking what's in their head out. I love seeing other peoples stuff as well as doing it.

*sleeping in tomorrow

*meeting new people tomorrow I somehow got on this guys e-mail list. It's a private e-mail that he sends out to people he knows. It is usually an invite to his house. So I have decided to end both my and his curiousity and figure out if we actually know each other or I was just somehow added to his list by fault or mistype. Should be an adventure

You know what? I'm tired and babbling so I am going to sleep. Dreamland :)

I hope everyone is well

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lordrexfear From: lordrexfear Date: March 16th, 2003 09:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nick did proofreading for about two years, you should talk to him about it, probably could give you some tips on what agencies are good to bother to try and get with and all that. I'll give you his # if you want it, he won't mind.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: March 17th, 2003 12:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
That'd be great if you're sure he won't mind (maybe forewarn him, lol).

Thanks :)
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