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I am exhausted My friend commented I was frazzled. It was more… - a world of possibility



My friend commented I was frazzled.

It was more like, you know when you are tired, really tired, but you still try to stay up so that you can get stuff accomplished. BUT, since your brain is so fried from being tired attempting to focus on more than one thing becomes overwhelming and it doesn't help that the lack of brainpower also leads to lack of focus, LOL. So not bad, just tired :)

that was my response in e-mail to her frazzled comment.

Today was rehearsal. As always, much enjoyed. I just need to get the book out of my hand. MAjority of it just being that mental thing of having an actual thing in my hand b/c I know a good deal of the lines. It was good to work the fight in costume, even if it was only partial. (and, as I am famous for them "thing in my hand" - yep another fruedian slip. That's funny in so many ways).

And here is what I wrote on Insomnia last night - and this is only for me, not commenting on all insomnia as a broad statement.,

so badly wanting, anticipating, anxious for that future moment during which holds some glorious event. It awaits you and yet you cannot hold your mind to be patient. It therefore has trouble living in the now - it wants the future so badly, deeply, passionately, that it holds your thoughts hostage until it can deliver you into that wonderful moment, safekeeping the hours so you will get to the glorious minutes - but in the meantime leaves you restless.

Since I cant tell how much is/is not babble, I've lj-cut it, LOL.

OK, me and my sleep-needing self shall be headed out in the next few minutes due to the invitee
a) having been out of contact with me for quite some time
b) asked me to bring H&R due to his friend having contact with Stanly Kaplan (who is an acting agent or agency) - or something like that

Oh, so yes, the other night with Pam (aka Molly), John (aka Pico), and Ahvi - aka not sure yet, to see Rev (aka Hengist - whom I get to swing a sword at numerous times *smirk*) and his band Sol Dog

I definitely would go to see/hear them again. They play well and besides one or two overly long interludes of just music (that's not bad at all for an entire set) good for dancing to as well.

I have been slacking a bit in the audition department. I will be slacking this week and the following as well.
This week is the beginning of my search for a new roommate.
The following week I am out of town.
Tomorrow I start the process of getting work proofreading - hopefully I will be able to start working asap because I hate not being able to spend money freely. I love treating my friends to dinner. I love being able to just feeling like going to a movie and going.

Once my financial situation is, not necessarily stable but at least I feel I am doing something for my money and have more coming in as well I think the acting will not feel like I should be in a 9-5 so much. I mean this is what I want to do, this is my passion, and appreciate my parents support and I just don't want them to ever think I don't or ever think I'm just sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing.

But they know this, and they tell me this. And I know things will work in the end, I just worry sometimes.

OK, enough babble

brain fried

must go out and then come home and sleeeeep

ok, nap first.

I be in weird mood.

I hope everyone is well

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corto From: corto Date: March 15th, 2003 07:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
just be careful you don't hack anybody apart with the sword! :)

(and feel better than weird!)
moowazz From: moowazz Date: March 16th, 2003 09:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

yeah, thanks, I uh, I won't do it again, promise

j/k :)~

Missed all you alls

I hope you are wonderful
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