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brain = fried, make that deeeep fried - a world of possibility
brain = fried, make that deeeep fried
So, I have been stretching myself overly thin this week and I haven't been doing nearly enough - well not for myself, which is probably why I feel so dead.

Hopefully by the end of the next week I will be renewed and feel less "blegh" because I hope by then to spend some time on me and have accomplished and pushed myself more than this week.

I found out today that I will not be working at 9-line, which sucks. I'm still volunteering there, but unfortunately they are not currently hiring anyone without a degree. I was going to attempt to push for myself, but, I'll be there and if I'm supposed to work there, it will happen. For now I will be looking into proofreading because it provides a really flexible schedule (YAY).

Business thing with said crazy boy is, well this moring I was ready to shoot something, but now I'm feeling better about it. I think I need some sleep and FOOD tomorrow morning (I am so looking forward to going to sleep just so I can get up and eat). (If you don't understand this it was in one of the LJ cuts from the last entry)

I am going to Colorado the last week in March and deperately looking forward to it. I only wish I could stay for my cousin's wedding. I tried changing the flights - short of getting a whole new ticket (without trading the old one) it's not happening. Travelocity sucks when it comes to exchanges.

I've been talking with someone, a boy, and it's a challenge because, well many reasons
Basically, from just conversation etc. I'm not attracted to him in that way.

I am, however going to have dinner with him. I also don't want a relationship without getting to know people a LOT better anyhow, but minus that factor this attraction thing is an issue.

Originally I thought it was because he is a bigger guy, but that's not it because there is a really good friend of mine, who, if the circumstances were right - and we liked each other that way - I would have no problem what-so-ever with the fact that he is bigger in size. In fact, at one point, I was very much attracted to him.

anyhow . . .

OK, I'm not going to ramble and babble right now because my brain is off and my fingers will just type forever, so off to dream land.

sweet dreams, g'night
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picoland From: picoland Date: March 7th, 2003 07:38 am (UTC) (Link)
you're too cute to go for the crazy ones- just hang on the ook a little while lnger and a bigger fish will bite. Best way to find love is to not look for it...kinda zen I know- but trust me is how I found my soul mate!
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