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Eep So life is already overflowing into my schedule again, lol. I… - a world of possibility

So life is already overflowing into my schedule again, lol.

I received a phone call this afternoon (actually a few, but I'm only mentioning this one) asking me to come and audition for William Shakespeare's Tweltfh Night.

I LOVE Shakespeare, and anything classical. It is so rarely done though.

So all my free time this weekend (or until Tuesday) will be spent reading and preparing a Shakespearean monologue.-Originally I was going to spend it workin on THe Path. My free time is not very much though because I have rehearsal tomorrow from 9-4 (which means 6:30-5:30 including leaving my apartment and getting back into the city time). Followed by an audition at 5:45PM.

Sunday I am going to try and make an audition before a meeting with someone who heads a lot of promotions thanks to someone I met on the Long Island Rail Road. Maybe I'll actually see him some time rather than e-mails and help for each other with money/acting, LOL.

OK, before I get too wordy, I'm off to read.

Maybe I'll have some free time after the audition has occured. I do hope so.

Much love out to everyone. Hopefully some e-mails or direct contact soon as well

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From: piquancy Date: February 28th, 2003 08:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
I admire you.

You are doing what you love to do.


good luck, dahling.
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