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Accent tuate the positive - a world of possibility
Accent tuate the positive
I'm reading a book given to me by my dad quite a while ago (I believe while I was still in HS).

It's about face reading.

It's really interesting, and so far fairly accurate.

I walked to China town to meet my ride to a kiddy party.

On the way every person held sooo much information - and just in there face!

I was incredibly overloaded, as well as facinated.

I am finally getting on track, get my list of "to do"s down

which means seeing friends soon I hope.


I'm starting a new rehearsal type thing. I have no idea what to expect other than good people.

It's the same "clowns" I was working with before, or at least some of them.

Two projects
~improv type thing
~showcase- actual scripted stuff

I'm really looking forward to the time with these good people again - rehearsing, playing, expending energy and ideas.

My current rehearsals are going really really well.

There's just something about being in a creative environment with good people

plus BONUS: out of the city.

I want so much to put down my days, everything, but by the time I sit down it's all gone, all the ideas and feelings that went with it.

I want to be able to go back, or have my kids, or spouse, or even great great grandchildren go back and see, feel, understand. I want my life to have been worth something, Maybe if someone can learn something from my life, their life will be one, two, maybe 3 steps - though that's not even putting it properly - further, making the world a better place than it is.

I'm not saying I'm any more important than anyone else, because I don't believe I am. I think everyone is an important piece of this thing we call life, this thing that creates the world we live in. I think if everyone shared everything that they learn while here, it would push our society ahead so much.

Like one thing I have had conversations about when people write books or have a conversation and mention other sources - usually books or movies - and expect you to have read it in order to understand the ideas fully. Isn't the point to expand on those ideas? Create something better? create something more expanded? Something to make the idea MORE or better?

In my opinion, by sharing what they learned from that source - rather than just mentioning it - and then continuing with their improvement to the idea, people will learn more. Yes, they don't do as much work, they don't get the original source- but that's not the point. The point is to get the new idea.

Anyway, all that ramble is neither here nor there and may not make sense to anyone other than myself >:)

I'm tired.

I need to be somewhere @ 8am

and therefore up @ 6

I hope everyone is well

g'night :)
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From: (Anonymous) Date: February 2nd, 2003 11:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I want to write down all my thoughts and experiences as well, although not always for others to learn from and build upon, but so I myself don't forget - kind of like you're doing here. As for passing your ideas and feelings on to others, I think that only works if the recipients trust you first - which will be perfect for your immediate descendants. I agree that if everyone shared everything that they learned, it would push society ahead. It seems like everyone nowadays, however, is forcing rather than sharing. One of the important parts of life is learning/discovering things for yourself, but our media-centric society seems to think people don't want to think - they just want some prefab ideologies shoved on their plate without personalized analysis factoring into their decision of what or what not to believe. This is unfortunately the case with many people growing up now - they're only absorbing what they're told, not what they have learned on their own. So I do think there is merit in doing the actual work in getting a new idea in your head, and that expanding on others' views is not the only way to go. Now that the ____-side of my brain has gotten its workout, I have to go back to using the other side. Hope to see you online sometime and good luck with Ren Faire.

- Matt from CO
low_key From: low_key Date: February 4th, 2003 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)

Late comment

So, what is the name of the book you're reading? Sounds like it might be interesting.

Have you ever wanted to do/done a nude scene? I'm asking because the only things left that I haven't done are dying on stage, and nudity. (I've never actually done an onstage kiss in front of an audience , but rehearsed it for 5 weeks, so I went ahead and checked it off my list.) I'm starting to think that my time spent acting was actually a type of self-exploration; and those are really the only two things I haven't done yet. I've made people laugh, cry, and everything in-between; I understand the pure rush of having an audience under your control. Dying isn't a big deal, but the other...How would I feel? How would the audience feel? Would it be empowering, or humiliating? Would it be the ultimate act of opening yourself to the audience? or would you send your mind to an entirely different place to protect yourself from it? Is the cliché that "It's not really you" true? Or in that moment, is it all you? Could I really do it?

Your thoughts?
moowazz From: moowazz Date: February 4th, 2003 03:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Late comment

I'm guessing you mean the face reading book not the other one

Book: I Can REad Your Face by Laura Rosetree

It's not a new book.

As for the actin question, the one thing I always say "I do anything but naked". I honestly don'tever think there's a need to be naked - but that's also just my opinion.

If someone else is comfortable with it, good for them. As for myself? I'll do bra and panties, bikini, but naked I don't do :)

In the moment and it not being you, it is the character being true to their circumstances, but using your body to express their story (maybe? not sure if that's best way to put it).

I hope you are well.

expect an e-mail soon - actually if ya like, I can forward you the most revent one I sent some friends.

low_key From: low_key Date: February 4th, 2003 07:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
So much for the "Art" film I was thinking about making. ;-)
From: limbic_region Date: February 19th, 2003 02:22 pm (UTC) (Link)


Just wanted to say hi - tell you to always smile - and know that I am thinking of you
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