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E-mail to my dad, spurt of an update on me - a world of possibility
E-mail to my dad, spurt of an update on me
I did more cleaning tonight (hence such the early hour, lol - or late for me). I hope to finish most of it when I get up later today. I left the day clear (except for my friends play tonight) specifically for that purpose as well as some other errands.

I went to this call back last night - or so I thought. I auditioned for this thing called "Pep Rally" as a host, probably close to about a month ago. "Pep Rally" is something similar to American Idol, except it's singers/dancers or cheerleaders.

So I get there expecting it to be a call back. All these girls are there to try out for singing and dancing. I'm like "I think there's a mistake, I don't sing or dance, or rather, I auditioned for the host a while ago".

Meanwhile I had thought it rather odd to be called back so late after the audition, especially since some of my friends had been called back a few days following the audition.

PLUS there were two girls who had been working on the hosting since the original auditions/callbacks.

Another girl came and was apparently in the same situation. We were told we were there to talk to "press" about the project. Myself and this girl, Jessica, decided we were being used and left shortly thereafter.

I made a new friend - which was kewl. Normally I don't mind helping out for free, as long as people are honest about it from the start. I've helped people out for free, but I knew ahead of time.

What bugged me is that I missed a friends play. I'll see it tonight, but another friend of mine was going to go that night -probably did - and I was looking forward to seeing him.

I find when my living space is organized my life becomes organized. I also find I am energized and don't feel so weighted down and ovecome by everything (well besides the fact that there isn't as much to weigh me down, lol).

I am finding everything, well, surreal lately.

Maybe more later (if I have time after everything else is accomplished today).

I hope everyone is doing really well.

It snowed! :)~
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onesoul From: onesoul Date: January 17th, 2003 05:55 am (UTC) (Link)
> I find when my living space is organized my life becomes organized.

I'm the exact same way. I need things in order to relax... I know it is just a trance I go in... but it is very necessary.

BTW, I'm glad you made a new friend!
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