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Quickie - a world of possibility
So I finally got around to replying to comments.

I've read a few entries even. YAY!

Many opinions that I really liked in response to my questions. I wasn;t looking for anything more than your opinions. Thank you all for sharing and responding :)

A quick connected question brought up by one response. I'll try to post some of the other points brought up soon.

Then the true friend's are the ones you meet who really understand you and will still like you no matter what you may do or what may have happened in the past. They will always be there for you and stuff.

Now, how much do you have to tell about your past? Is it a part of you whether you share it or not? Is it possible to keep some of your past hidden and still be really good friends? I mean ow much do people really want to know? Is it going to make them understand you better or just let them know what you've been through?

I guess I have mixed feelings about sharing everything because as much as I love knowing as much as people want to share with me, some people do not, and sometimes people share things for the purpose of getting closer (though I think it's more subconscious) then because they are closer. Or for some sort of manipulation purposes rather than just deeper understanding.

Ok, that's my shpeal for this second, I've still got more catching up to do.

Oh yeah, for the first year - I think - I didn't make a New Year's Resolution - or rather didn't think about it, I don't think I've ever truly made one, but this year it never even came into mmind.

Did any of you make one?

I hope everyone is doing really well

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low_key From: low_key Date: January 6th, 2003 01:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
No resolution, don't believe in them, but I am writing a list of 100 things I want to do this year. I know I wont get them all done, but it will be fun to see how many I can do.

Regarding the sharing thing. Technically, I don't think you have to share anything from your past. Aside from that, I think that it's only dangerous to share EVERYTHING with someone you are dating. In addition, I think ultimately, it does depend on the friend and your comfort/trust level with them. Some friends can handle the year you spent in a sex-cult or the fact that you got drunk one night and drank goats blood. (After all, who hasn't.)Some can't.

Of course, this is coming from someone who has gotten in the habit of just spewing every emotion I have on my journal for the world..er... some of the world to see.
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