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Revived - a world of possibility
I'm very refreshed after a few days MIA.

Late Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning (about 4:30am) a van headed upstate to a world with trees, snow, quiet, and much good energy.

Even before that I had , how to put it, it was like my life was just flowing.

That day had been full of unexpected, yet pleasant going ons.
*after spending an interesting night at a friends house
*stopping to pick up my book on my way home - and in turn spendin the afternoon warm with a friend and watching movies
t*he evening filled with a snow ball fight in central park
* 5 people cooking what turned out to be more than 11 people could possible eat at 1 in the morning (around when everyone arrived and we stuffed ourselves)
*random urge and invite from wonderfully sweet girl to go to "the country"
*was even driven to my apt so I could feed my cats b/4 the journey.

I realize that in deciding to join I was pushing back a long list of things I was supposed to do, being the responsible person I try to be.

Sometimes I've just got to do what will be best for me and my sanity and well being. So canceling some plans and leaving other things to be finished a little later then hoped, I was off.

The trip wasn't necessarily anything "out of the ordinary". No miracles were performed. No genius was inspired in me. No meaning of life was uncovered.

And yet, there was something, maybe it's that I look at the world differently now then I have ever before.

I enjoyed

From the journey itself :
* 2 people navigating with 5 people behind them on matresses covered in blankets.
* being awoken to watch the sunrise over snow covered land with snow covered trees and a frozen body of water reflecting the colors softly not blindingly
* needing to jump out of the vehicle into the brisk cold snow-surrounded air b/c we were stuck
* arriving to a house surrounded by nature, snow, trees, just good inspiration

To just being there: I couldn't stop looking at everything covered in snow embedded with such a peaceful and yet rejuvinating nature. I wanted to just lay in the snow and breath in all the goodness. And I did, though only as much as time permitted.

lots of play
- were snow ball fights
-"sword" (noodle) fights
-even some people in thrown in snow at least once (in clothes, not jackets, etc)

friendly energetic beings
more food
sleeping next to another warm cozy body
time and space to think freely
leading to good realizations
more food
exploring the snow covered woods at night
warm shower after snow
and more food

in short good company and good surroundings

And then I was back and running, but with a cleaner more efficiently working mind, body, and soul.

I still don't think I've expressed everything as well as I would like

*deep relaxed breath*

I feel really good. This was exactly what I needed.

I hope everyone is wonderful.

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From: brave_heart Date: December 30th, 2002 11:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Just reading that made me feel refreshed.
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