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Small things - unkown yet good - a world of possibility
Small things - unkown yet good
So I was reading a story e-mailed to me by me dad and I remembered something about the other day.

I was somewhere the other day and these 3 boys came in. I'm not sure how old, most likely somewhere in the highschool age range -definitely no older.
They were play fighting with *noodles as swords - as were many people. These 3 were being a lot rougher than everyone else though. I could tell by the feeling of the group, the expressions on peoples faces, and the soon empty play area (except for those 3) that no one was enjoying this as they were. I have to admit, even I was not happy with the troublesome trio - especially when they came after me and I wasn't even fighting back - no noodle to speak of.

The next day they were back again. There was this horrible undercurrent. I could feel that almost no one wanted them there. It was not their fault - but I could see why teenage boys often turn out so "bad" as many people may comment.

Soon after, "play time" we'll call it, started some younger children came in. Younger as in 6-10 if I had to guess. Each of the trio was "assigned" a child - they were the one in charge until the child left. They were to play with them and lead them around the space.

I watched as the boys changed their play to fit that of the one they were responsible for. It was a wonderful thing to watch. I think they had just never seen anything from the angle that they have so much power, but they need to be careful because if not watched after it has a greated impact then they ever imagined.

I dunno, it made me smile seeing the tranformation in those kids - even if it was only a small thing.

*Noodles = the things that many people use in a pool. They come in a variety of colors and are a long thin cylindrical type thing. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, lemme know I'll find an image.

Enjoy yourself and the world!

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