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My friend matt - a world of possibility
My friend matt
So my friend MAtt who lives in Colorado is sooo kewl. We type back and forth to each other and I think he's one of the very few guys I realte as JUST a "person" there is no gender there. Meaning I can relate to and type to him about just about anything and there is no flirting, no jealousy, no games, no looking down upon or up to, just acceptance (me and my geekiness ~ I'm a geek and proud of it)of who I am and just a friend. This makes me happy that there are guys out there like that. People out there like that. :) I met him through a guy named erik out there. One day I'll have to post about our fun night with skateboarding, some movie, a southpark game, tickling, and Krispy Kreme, we can't forget the Krispy Kreme.

Well here's an e-mail I got from him.

Dear Elysa,
Ten days have gone by since I've had time to reply. That's how busy I've been with soccer, homework and pep band. That whole "amigo" thing was unintentional - no hablo espanol bien. If you still care my birthday was August 27th. How was karaoke-ing? You've been doing voice lessons right? I got up today and did a speech in Oral Communications class called "My World and Welcome to it". The segue way is that I sang and played guitar instead of doing an acutal stand up and talk thing. I did the Crash Test Dummies' "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" with original autobiographical lyrics. It went over pretty well since everyone seemed to be clapping louder than the regular courtesy claps other speeches got. It was actually cooler and easier and, most importantly, less nerve-wracking than a regular speech. I know I sound like a lightweight to a thespian such as yourself but I felt good doing it without choking. Besides that I've been doing a ton of homework (about 30 hours/week) and playing soccer. We had a game this Saturday in Wyoming that we won 3-2. It's a good omen for the rest of the season hopefully. Once we get in better shape and learn how everyone on the team plays, we should be really good. The idea is to work up to a match with the varsity team. They practice everyday and we only have two practices a week, so it's like the tortise trying to catch the hare who's already got a mile head start. Anyway the game was in Laramie, Wyoming, which is a cow town to say the least. It's basically a flat little one-street town with a huge football stadium dominating the whole town. There's even a big house on a hill that overlooks the whole town, leading me to believe that there is a Lord of Laramie who rules from on high. Kind of scary. The sign on the way into town said the population was 22,000, but the population probably gets down to 2000 when school's out. I saw your LiveJournal but I'll read it later since I'm tired and wouldn't be able to comprehend it in my current semi-coma state. It's been a 9 am-10 pm day. Talk to you later.


I just felt like posting it because of not only the content but the way he typed in this. I found it incredibly amusing~ in a GOOD way. It intrigued me. I especially like the thespian part. That's what's so fun about things like that~ doing it in a way tha you can express yourself without worrying about doing well, but rather just getting out what you want to say and snjoying it. (If that makes any sense).

OK, as I said in my other post I need to go to sleep. Matt if you read this thank you :) You are a kewl person. And you MUST let me know if you ever plan on visiting :)

night folks


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