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g'mornin - a world of possibility


grandma called this morning (we've been e-mailing for a while) It was an interesting conversation, she seems pleased with me - this is good.

I had just woken up from some nightmares though, but that didn't kick in until later - after I had gotten off the phone with here

RANDOM: THIS is quite amusing.

I feel like I'm living more than one life at a times once in a wihle - just random spurts. And it's not the lives I create for myself, the little fantasy worlds that I read, write, listen to, imagine , it's . . .

ok example: I was at the sink the other day and suddenly had this feeling of deja vu, but not quite. IT was a mix from a memory - real, a memory - dream, and "deja vu".

Very odd.

Then my nightmare last night was someplace I had been before, well in my sleeping life at least.

Something I realized, part of why I may not like relationships, when I become even the slightest bit close intimately with one person, I become overly aware of the people around me and how they feel. I can't block it out as well. Or maybe I need to get out of the city more often.


My audition yesterday went well.

I'm off to another audition so I will type ther rest of my unstopping thoughts later.

last thing before I go, I got some e-mails this morning from people I had not heard from and they made me smile inside.

I hope everyone is well

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musus From: musus Date: November 9th, 2002 04:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
What you are experiencing is not uncommon. Well, no...I take that back. It is uncommon...just not unheard of. That happens to me too. Actually, I was afraid this might begin to happen more often with your moving to New York. That's not uncommon either. It's tough to explain in a comment/post like this, where we can't exchange feedback. When you have time/if you could, AIM me so we can talk. I have some thoughts & suggestions for things I've learned while going to school in West Virginia. Take care & talk with you soon.
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