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RAWR - a world of possibility
So, as always, life is continuing

with or without me catching that last car of the train and jumping on. I just hope my arm muscles aren't so out of shape as to drop me flailing behind.

I can always catch the next one.

Anyway . . .

Seems peoples lives around me continue to go on too.

I am pretty well over here in my little nook of the world.

Halloween (the actual day) was nice. I saw Josh Ritter with Kevin. It was a really good feeling night. The guy who played after Senor Ritter was pretty good too.

I did finish my wings the next day (eventually pictures).

The rest of the weekend is just kind of mushed together.

.Some of it ~ "eh, ok"

and other parts
deep slow breath followed by a *smile* caused by the warming from within.

The headshot saga is (hopefully) almost finished.

I plan on having the disk tomorrow (it was left at the apartment in Brooklyn - whoops) and hope it works *keeps fingers crossed*

This is all I shall say because otherwise I will ramble on about many contemplations and pondering that in the end will result in nothing but more questioning and discussing
-don't get me wrong I love that stuff, it's wonderful, only when I have time to spare - and get done some of the many things I need to get done so that some time soon I can see my wonderful friends whom I miss a fair deal.

I've been a bad friend. I do that sometimes. Well, not a bad friend, just an absent one. It happens when I need to put energy into my career. (That's what I came to NY for, right?). Just know that I haven't forgotten about any of you.

I just hope that if anyone ever really needs me for dire needs (ignore grammar and no innuendos meant) that you are aware phone calls and visits are always allowed in these circumstances.

I hope everyone is well.

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