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*BIG SMILE* - a world of possibility
Well in theory at least

A couple I know got married one Halloween at the Edge of Hell Haunted House. Their motivations weren't profound; they just thought it would be fun to tie the knot while disguised as ghouls and surrounded by vampires, gargoyles, and dragons. I'd like to take their idea a step further, Taurus, and offer it up to you. It's based on my perception that every relationship born from the fires of attraction will from time to time have to deal with each partner's smoky madness. There's no use trying to hide from this truth; in fact, your intimacy will be far healthier if you account for it upfront. In this spirit, I propose that you and your closest ally dress up as your inner monsters this Halloween, perform a bonding ceremony, and go everywhere handcuffed together.

twas my horoscope for the week


cept I'm missing my partner in crimes, lol

eh, maybe next year

or maybe one will appear

I hope everyone is well

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