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Happy Halloween - a world of possibility
Happy Halloween
Yeah, I'm a bit early, but this was somewhat amusing.

A friend sent it to me.

Happy Halloween

PS if really easily offended do not hit link

On other notes, I think I may be able to get my headshots repdroduced (finally)

for those who don't know,

When I go the photos taken for my comp card, I liked one of them to use for a headshot

They were digital so I had them on disc. There were too many photos on the disc she gave me so I copied just the 1 I wanted to disk.

It didn't work on the computers at reproduction.

I then reformatted the disc, only to find it worked on PCs and they use Macs.

They decided to let me e-mail it to them.

The file was too small.

I had one copy printed up. I brought this in. It is grainy b/c it was not printed on photo paper, so . . the reproduction would be grainy.

I called the photographer to see if there was a larger file version of the photo.


And I had it.

Estoy un Grande Idiot!

Anyhow, there was both a small and large version on the disc. I happened to have copied the smaller one.

The bigger one has now been e-mailed to them and I will know by tomorrow if it will work (*crosses fingers*)

Meaning I can start auditioning and sending H&Rs again.

You literally can't do anything in this business without a headshot and resume.

I also had a very nice dinner this evening with my great aunt and uncle.

Am going to go work on my Halloween Costume (I only have 3 days eek!)

I hope you are all well.

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sassenach From: sassenach Date: October 29th, 2002 07:54 am (UTC) (Link)

congrats on figuring out the headshot deal--i know that stuff can be confusing!
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