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Salem and such - a world of possibility
Salem and such
Salem was fun. I definitely want to go back not during halloween and see everything.

We got incredibly wet, but it was still a wonderful time.

Before I get into anything else I want to thank all of you who responded to my last post.


You all helped, gave me things to look at and also made me feel really good.
As always you each have a unique and s;ightly different point of view.

So my incredibly surreall weekend began on the train ride.

I sit here and wonder if I want to type this, or even how to type this, not the events, but more getting to the mental state I have arrived at, I'm not sure where that is.


Ok, so I'm sitting in my seat, we're stopped between the Kingston, RI and Providence, RI stops. Our train is not working. They cannot fix it either. They have sent out for "an automobile".

I am sewing fabric to wire ~ end goal: my wings.

The guy sitting across the aisle asks what I am doing. We begin conversation. Eventually he moves in the seat next to me. This was somewhere around 4PM.

Almost 8PM and we have finally arrived at Boston South Station (original arrival time 4:45PM). During this time we talked and ended up falling asleep together until the train came and attached to us (the "automobile" was taking too long) followed by us loading on to that train.

In this conversation time he invited my friend and I to see him play at a pub in Boston. Apparently he is in a band.

What the hell, right? So we went, but not before we got dinner and caught up a bit.

So on to the pub with the random Irishman from the train. He was good. Apparently (the other guy in the band's cousin told me) he has a #6 hit in Ireland. I only wish I could have heard some of their original stuff, they played covers.

Ali (me Bostonite) and I, as usual, made some friends in the pub, at least for the night. We danced, sang along with the songs, chatted a bit. It was nice.

The next day was spent at Salem. It was a bit too touristy, but we did a few haunted houses, the last one being the best. We also got sopping wet, it was quite amusing to look at us by the time we got back to her apartment. We've got pictures once she developes them.

The evening was spent warm and cozy on her couches watching movies and chatting.

Then today.

I get on the train. I am excited I may actually get 2 seats to myself, meaning I could work some more on my Halloween costume (it was too crowded on the way there to have my own seats).

So I'm getting myself settled, and guess who walks up to me and gives me a huge hug hello?

Irishman from the train ride there! This was a surprise for 2 reasons.

1) He got on the same car of the same train at the same time of day ~ very unlikely
2) He was supposed to leave on Wednesday.

So another almost 4 hours, most of which were spent asleep.

Sleeping next to someone, entangled with someone, or even just leaning on someone (I think the most latter of the 3 would be the case this time) is almost as intimate as anything else? Or it can be.

He tried to kiss me. I of course said no. For many reasons, besides the fact that I had just met him like 2 days ago, one of the major ones being the current beautiful soul in my life.

I wouldn't have kissed him even had I not been seeing someone, but the fact that this was a major thought in my mind scares me and excites me. As I closed my eyes, I thought how nice it would be if it were beautiful soul I had been leaning on.

I just hope the result of my eventual conversation with him (beautiful soul) is good. If not, well, one day someone will fit with mesh with me. Oooone day.

I came home and beautiful soul called. We talked for about an hour. It was nice.

I wanted to just head over there and fall asleep with him. On the other hand I think that's pushing things. I just crave things to go quickly because I've been there before. On the other side of things, the logical side, my brain knows slowly and cautiously is best for me currently.

I now wonder what is a relationship? What does it consist of? Isn't the eventual "relationship" two people who get along really well, as best friend would - feel completely comfortable with each other - and then just add the phyisical aspect? How quickly is good? Why is the physical aspect there other than for procreation? Where is that balance between spending time together and actually doing things (movies, conversations, walks, musuems, dinner, lunch, activities, whatever) and being intimate (physically)?

I realize there can be no 1 description defining a "relationship" that it's different from couple to couple, or people to people, or person to person even within a relationship.

I guess that's exactly why I will be asking beautiful soul some questions next time I see him, to see if we mesh currently.

Something just *clicked* while I was typing this up.

I hope everyone is well and had wonderful weekends.

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lordrexfear From: lordrexfear Date: October 27th, 2002 07:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
I apologize for not sending out my thoughts on your situation. I relaly had none, other than wanting to wish you the best of luck.

It's kind of hard to give advice when you're busy trying to figure out your own wonderful situation also...

If you're in town this weekend and Alana does come down maybe we (meaning the three of us) can make time for you to meet... I think you are a wonderful person, and she deserves to meet people I think are wonderful.
moowazz From: moowazz Date: October 27th, 2002 07:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
I would love to meet her if she comes down.

Keep me updated, as long as it fits into my schedule.

As for opinion, don't worry about it :)

I hope you are well
From: aligator13 Date: October 28th, 2002 10:16 am (UTC) (Link)
I can't believe he was on the train back as well. Crazy. I had a blast this weekend. Thanks for visiting!
low_key From: low_key Date: October 28th, 2002 03:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
You should have laid one on him. What about serendipity?!
Oh, as for your what does the physical add besides procreation question. I always thought it added an extra level of intimacy (not just physical) to a relationship. Flings are the equivalent of shared masturbation, but when you are in a relationship sex adds an extra emotional tie. (I think I just repeated myself.) You spend time with an intense focus on each other that, at least to me, ends up pulling you emotionally closer together.
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