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Thank you - a world of possibility
Thank you
I cheated, I started this a while back, actually didn't plan on finishing it tonight, but . . . I had laundry to do =time to kill (otherwise risk falling asleep)

I realized this would be long, so . . .

Thank you for being you, for . . .
. . . the brutal honesty. Making me see even those who those who treated me the worst I had ever been treated never purposely wanted to hurt me. That everyone feels. That, even though at times it may not seem so, that everyone has a heart and cares about people underneath it all. For being someone who learns from their mistakes. I hope you are well and we cross paths again when we have something new to learn from each other.

. . . for being the good friend I never knew I had. For keeping in contact with me after highschool and getting close. For getting me to share things I didn't know I needed to share. For going to Salem with me *giggle*. For being understanding. For trusting me. I hope you are well andenjoyed seeing you!

. . .for being so positive and supportive. For being a wonderful mother. For taking so much care and learning and sharing it with other people, some who you've never even met in person. I hope you are well.

. . .for being a good friend. For growing. For making me grow and deal with not the most comfortable situations at times. For helping me learn how to be a better person. For being one of the all around "good" guys. I hope you are well and things turn up, way up, for you soon.

. . . for being a good person (and female!!! SCORE ~ wow haven't said that in forever). For being openminded and positive. For being goal oriented rather and using the brain you possess (SP?). I look forward to hanging out eventually. I hope you are well.

. . . for being patient. For making me feel special. For helping me learn. For encouraging me in my many pursuits. For letting me live vicariously through you (though I have been craving stories lately :) . All good thoughts on your current adventure, though not so risky as normal. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the silly humorous, yet adorable bear he is. For running around like a crazy person with me at Remote Lounge. *smirk* I hope you are well.

. . .for jumping into my life oh so randomly and adding to it. For leaving comments that remind me of thoughts I've had but sometimes forget. I hope you are well.

. . . for your unique sense of the world, though I may not always agree at least I can see and understand. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the wonderful guy you are. For continuing as the "nice guy" and to believe in true romance. Tarryn is a lucky girl. I hope you are well.

. . . for all your wonderful comments on my eccentric "poetry" or crazy thoughts typed across the screen. Good luck on the driving test. I hope you are well :)~

. . . for being the wonderfully unique and spirited girl you are. For not following the rules of the world, but your own - though they may clash at times - and sharing these struggles. For having such passion about so many things in your life. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the sweet girl you are. For being both goal oriented and having a wonderful relationship, it leaves hope for others out there. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the crazy neurotic, yet wonderufl person you are. (that was completely a joke, cept for the wonderful). For listening and supporting and also for sharing your world. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the wonderful corto! For sharing everything about your day(s) and your wonderful kiddies and Z. For caring and supporting. I hope you are well.

. . . for being a kind, generous, and caring person. For being so perfect for schwack! I hope you are well.

. . . for making me think. For bringing bits of contemplation to life at random times. I often look forward to what the next "discussion" will be. I hope you are well.

. . . for being so nice and helpful and letting me into your little community. It was nice to have people when I moved here, it made the adjusting that much easier. I hope you are well

. . . for being silly and wacky and random, and underneath it all caring. I hope you are well.

. . . for, well I've checked up on you a few times and there is not much there. I will say you made me smile a few times, and as it is a somewhat well known quote "a smile is worth a thousand words" - or maybe it's only "a picture is worth a thousand words" - but I think they are both quotes. Whatever the case, I know you've made me smile. Thank you. I hope you are well.

. . . for being my b-day buddy and everything that goes along with it. For being someone whom I know I could call up at any time and you would be there for me (even if I don't actually go through with it, lol). I hope you are well.

. . . for being there at the right moments. For sharing these wonderfuly simple - yet not - words that make me think and smile and help me often. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the wacky girl you are. For sharing all your oddities and vulnerability (though often masked). For being supportive and sweet (ick!, lol). I hope you are well.

. . . for sharing who you are. For showing me different aspect, though I may not always agree, of the world. I hope you are well

. . . for the few late night talks we had. For sharing a few bits of who you are. I hope you are well.

. . . for being another taurean (cause yeah, you know you chose it! LOL). I've enjoyed our spread out random conversations (call it what you will) as odd and random as they may be, they make me smile and think - but mainly smile. Thank you for sharing you, all of it - as hard as that may be at time. I hope you are well.

. . . for challenging me and my way of thinking. For bringing my playful side back out - which was hard with all the hustle and bustle of moving to the city - the painting was so much fun (we must eventually find time to do more if you are not bored of me as a subject). For sharing your life. For letting me be a part of your family - in many senses. I hope you are well

. . . for too challenging me and my way(s) of thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed the few late night discussions with you and Will (The 3 of us need to begin a debate team, lol.) I hope to continue them. For being my computer hero -Maybe I'll even catch you online now. For just being a good person. I hope you are well.

. . . for sharing who you are. For being so sweet. For taking challenges. I hope you are well.

. . . for sharing you. For letting us see as much as you do. For sharing your great stories at parties, lol. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the kind, passionate, and "good guy" that you sometimes fought not to be because of the society we live in. I hope you are well.

. . . for helping me understand things I sometimes couldn't see because it was right there in front of my face. For sharing everything - though it's hard at times. For learning and growing. I hope you are well

. . . honestly I have only glanced at your journal but once or twice. I enjoy it, and have actually learned a few things - I only wish I had more time :) The fact that you read mine, I sometimes am not sure why people do - but when they do it makes me smile. It makes me feel, well, maybe I'm doing something right and that my challenges are helpful just as others challenges are helpful to me. I hope you are well.

nolf (in all forms)
. . . for so many things. You brought a part of me out that I never truly knew I had. Maybe there were hints, but I never knew how to solve them. For sharing all you do. For thinking and growing and challenging. For just being honest and allowing me to be honest. I hope you are well.

. . . for being so open and honest and vulnerable. For being so self - objective and subjective. For sharing your life with the world and for being so helpful and kind in mine. I hope we continue to chat - though sporadically it may be. I hope you are well.

pandaemoneon (in all forms)
. . . for being so open. For sharing your wonderful art and humor and sadness and happiness. For being so sweet. I hope you are well.

. . . for continually showing me that not everything in this world needs to be looked at with cynicism. For showing me people can have a relationship and trust - though it may be a while for me. For sharing so much of who you are. I hope you are well.

. . . for being so random and accepting your own uniquness and not following by anyone's rules but your own. I hope you are well.

. . . for being a fellow arteest. For pursuing your passion. For being another who for some reason finds I am worth the time to find out who I am - though this still puzzles me everyday, even that my friends find me interesting. Maybe we shall run into each other one day. I hope you are well :)

. . . for being the kind, unique, unknowledgable knowing soul. You have been wonderful - even helped keep me fed (by default) with yummy desserts - even some for late nights (espresso). Thank you for sharing the little (and big) goings ons of your life. I hope you are well.

. . . for being a kind naive, yet very knowledgable and wise soul. For knowing and not knowing. For being willing to deal with all my simple questions. For sharing who you are. I hope you are well.

. . . for letting me in to your wonderful little (or in some ways big) world. For sharing your poetry and other passions. We still must get together and paint (on hands/arms/fingers, etc). I hope you are well.

. . . for being random and wacky and sharing all this. I hope you are well

. . . for letting me into the "geek" tribe though I technically may not be one. For being so nice on Halloween (you guys saved my night). For just being a nice guy - they're hard to come by these days. For bringing Heather into the little world I know. I hope you are well.

. . . for letting me into your world and making me feel welcome. For the wonderful bike ride and the bits of conversation throughout. I hope you are well.

. . . for so so much. I thoroughly enjoyed your company on Halloween - it was refreshing to have company that is as open to music and life in general as I am (though at times I'm very close-minded, lol). As for venting - no need to worry, that's what people are hear for (I need to take my own advice, lol) I just hope things get better for you soon. We will get together when I get back. I hope you are well

. . . for being such a wonderful sweet caring honest guy. You probably won't even read this, but I wanted to thank you anyhow and figure the energy and thought will be out there somewhere. You helped me realize there sre still some guys who are worth my struggle of cynicism. I hope you are well.

. . . for sharing your fears and antectodes and little stories from life - family and friends, that most people just brush over or don't pay close enough attention to to notice. These little things are so wonderful. I hope you are well.

. . . for being the wonderfully unique and silly woman you are. For often having questions that lead to thinking and discussion and also sharing just silly randomness. For continuously reminding me there are many sides to life. I hope you are well.

I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful holiday


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