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~*~ - a world of possibility — LiveJournal
So I am on the search for the costume to have me become the ~*~pixie girl~*~ that I am beneath the surface, the one that gets to look like what she actually is for one day (or a few b/c of halloween parties) of the year.

I will be walking back to St Marks Pl tomorow since the stores I wanted to search in were closed when I got there this evening.

What is everyone doing for halloween?

Will and Tabi, we must get together soon. I am having will and Tabi withdraw. It is too bad I didn't find out sooner, but there was a halloween thing where the ren fair is/was but it ends on sunday, andI don't get back till sunday. Anyhow, I thought of you two and Tony(i) and friends (I apologize, I do not remember you wifes name)

Some things just *clicked* today.

Which brought about new questions

as is so often the case


giddyness abounds me

There's a whole bunch a I want to say to specific people, but there is not time this second

so . . .

I will be doing it tomorrow morning or late this evening

I hope everyone is well

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(Deleted comment)
sassenach From: sassenach Date: October 24th, 2002 08:09 am (UTC) (Link)
yeah, but its that "how scared can we make people" kind of thing that i most definitely don't do... so no big loss, as far as i'm concerned.

but yes, we must get together soon~ you're little miss Busy, so you tell us! ;)

too bad you didn't buy a set of fairy wings while we were at the RenFaire!
also, try a Ricky's, they seemed to have alot of Halloween gear. ;)
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