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comment_diva I hope you be ok drop me an e-mail or sumfin As for… - a world of possibility

I hope you be ok

drop me an e-mail or sumfin

As for me, so much flowin through my head.

Once I make it through this weekend

then I'll type up more, probably

8:30AM: Wakeup
9:15AM: left for promotion
10AM: Arrive at promotion 1 hour before start due to unknowledge of location previous to today (whoops)
11AM-4:20PM Promotion (might discuss details later, I was dressed as an Oreo cookie and came home with way too many Oreos - will be giving them away this week).
5PM get home, shower, leave
6PM: Arrive at dinner just on time
8PMish - now: finished dinner and went out with cousin (not getting married)

8:30AM: Wake up and shower/shave (main purpose of showering, that nad washing hair)
9:15AM: Leave apartment
10AM Manicure/Pedicure appointment with mom, aunt & cousin (not getting married) at Georgette Klinger
12:30AM Be at bloomingdales so friend can do my makeup
1PM ish - 4PMish relax, maybe nap (if I can make it so it won't mess up my makeup, yeah right) proabbly end up going out with cousins instead though
4PM-ish to 6PMiish: Mad rush around hotel room getting dressed and such (it always takes more effort then it should when I'm with anyone besides myself)
7PM - 1AM (?):Wedding etc.

get up who knows when to have an early breakfast with my folks b/c they are leaving, as well as the rest of my family who is in town, today after they get food.

Parents leave - 2:30PM: Hopefully take a nap
4PM: Audition
6:40PM: Audition
10PM: Watch or tape my show (The Dead Zone)

I hope everyone is well


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