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Quick update - a world of possibility
Quick update
I am doing well.

Busy, feeling accomplished career-wise, and making some more new friends (to add to my wonderful collection and already busy schedule, LOL).

just so no one gets worried (not sure why you should, LOL)

.did background work for a Japanese movie
.basically consisted of (once they finally got there) sitting in an upscale lounge/restaurant and listening to good music.
.well plus the guns that got shot, but ya know, it can't be all good or we wouldn't get paid. (blanks, not real ones)

yesterday - got photos taken for comp card
. long day, still haven't gotten all mascara off (hopefully after shower it will be gone) and some great pictures. Plus dinner with a new friend afterwards was wonderful

.train home

Plans for the rest of the weekend
.see a play at my old school that some of my friends are in
.do my Spanish homework
.hope to catch up on LJ a bit

.might be doing a petitie (under 5'5- I think) fashion show, I will let NY people know

I love you all.

I hope everyone is well and having a wonderful weekend!

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