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giddy - a world of possibility

looking forward to it

and tomorrow

I get to be pretty and girly

I'm getting photos taken for comp cards, and maybe a new headshot

once in a while I like shallow attention

very rarely

or rather, not the shallow attention, but me putting attenion on how I look

rare none-the-less

or maybe I just like the challenge of expressing something that's inside me that won't come out with words

or maybe not

also, I may have a part in an independent film

as for the commercial, I didn't understand if I was just being submitted for it or actually doing it and they don't call me back (The casting director)!!!

oh well

I made another female friend
2 in fact


I have been getting some good tips on stage acting and more things to do to get into it.

My horoscope

Late at night when there's no traffic, I like to stride down the middle of empty roads that by day are crawling with cars. I dance, pirouette, sing songs made up on the spot, fling my arms up in prayer, and generally celebrate my sovereignty over a territory that usually belongs to heavy machines and their operators. In the coming week, Taurus, I encourage you to be inspired by my example. Seize power in a spot where you normally have little influence. If only for an hour, and even if you're the sole inhabitant, act like you own the place. With all your heart, imagine that you are its ruler and rule-maker. This will allay any anxiety that might be gnawing at your confidence.


I hope everyone is well
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