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Osmosis - a world of possibility
So much going on around me

I can't take it all in

but a good deal does go in

I'm really enjoying myself

I really want to go home this weekend.

I hope I can

I'll keep everyone updated

Get up way too early (not by choice, LOL) and get very little hard evidence done - though I did mail out H&Rs (with my brand spankin new updated resume).

Though I did make come possible plans for future productivity

Plus an appointment for photos for a comp card on friday

Made a doctors appointment for tomorrow

Went to a very interesting audition, may have made 1 new friend (possibly more if I get into the group)

Got a phone call - I may have a part in a commercial. (*knock on desk*)
-don't want to spread good news and have something happen.

will letchy'all know how it goes after it's done

Saw a friend or two sing

am sleeping in tomorrow

currently having an interesting conversation

I may type up on it later

I dunno

thank you all who responded before.

i guess i was just kinda typing and didn't expect responses, but love getting them. I love seeing how people think.

I hope you are well

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