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quickie - a world of possibility
Before I run off for the day

I forgot the other day, Sept 21, was a year after I started LJ.
My first entry

I have met some amazing people through here - some through the box and some in real live person. You have all influenced, challenged, supported me and given me new and different ways to look at life. You have also shared parts of yourselves.

Thank you!

I hope you are well


So I thought I posted this already.

I was closing all the little windows, ready to shut down my computer for the day.

This was still open.

OK, so I am going to post the rest of my thoughts of right now
-since it's already open.

Someone from my past has been popping into my thoughts lately. A lot!

I'm not sure the reasoning though.

I thought maybe I was supposed to contact them
.yet they are no where in site
I was going to check up on their journal (which I always know is a bad idea ~ hence I don't look anymore) and the mailman came just then.

So maybe there is something, a presonality trait, something in me, or them, that needs to be remembered. I dunno.

On another, yet sorta similar note, I find I sometimes have trouble relating with people. Every once in a while for a split second in time, I worry about keeping people in my life. I then remember, that's not what it's about.

Even in LJ! I want to make comments - not so people will "keep me", but rather for the sake that they know I am there, caring, supporting, reading.

This is rarely the reason for the comments, but when I have a lack of comments, that is why, because I try not to comment when I find I am doing it for that reason.

The same way in life. I try not to spend time around people when I know I will be doing it only for the sake of proving something.

I'm not sure if any of this has made sense.

I'm just
I'm really
happy in where my career is going currently

I am content with my intimate relationship - I would like more eventually, but am definitely not complaining with what I have.

I am a bit flustered with my friendships. I feel I should be there more. I feel like I don't make enough effort sometimes. I then remind myself career comes first, always! Yes always.

And on that note, I have received yet another phone call to someone other than me (it happens often, LOL) so . . .

it's time to head to the post office, an open call at an agency then my managers (and a few more stops after that).

I then have my first Spanish class!!!!

I hope everyone is well!

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moowazz From: moowazz Date: September 23rd, 2002 06:36 pm (UTC) (Link)

You too!

i hope you are well

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