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TV and sanity - a world of possibility
TV and sanity

I watched TV tonight.

The second time this week.

I find I love and hate TV.

PRO: It turns my brain off, or better yet (for Starman) it's like a snooze button.
.It turns back on later or when I get up the next morning
. .but for that short time, it's not working on delving into the inner workings and thoughts and psyches of the world and how and why it works.
.I find I feel somewhat refreshed thought wise.

CON: I also find I am addicted to this state and have trouble turning off the TV. This is my challenge to overcome.

I have decided to keep up with 1 show a week.

Currently "The Dead Zone" On at 10PM on Sunday nights - not too many things will conflict with this. Plus I like the show ~ even have a bit of a connection with it (the character that is).

Other randomness.

While waiting for the metro (subway) the other night I overheard the most laughable and sad conversation I have heard in a while.

I sat down.
Next to me were 2 girls.
The start of the conversation was "I'm glad you are feeling better".
The other replies with "yes, I had a horrible headache earlier"

My thought of the direction of the conversation was going to be drinking and a hangover.

Boy was I wrong ~ Semen and how it smells and feels.

Yes, sex can be related with drinking, but oh my!

This girl starts about how she was somewhere and thinking "someone smells like cum" and then realized it was herself.

She then continued about how she came home one time and hadn't showered yet, and there was some still in her hair. She got in the shower and it went from being dry to all gooey - returning to it's former consistancy.

These girls were probably somewhere between 16-19 MAYBEMAYBE 20.

They then continued their stream of "sex" thought to [tonight] ~ apparently they were on their way to meet some guys. All I knew is they were excited to have sex and that the guys had a king size bed.

There was nothing about how they liked them, what they looked like, what their personality looked like, anything else they were planning on doing - that's it.

They got off at my stop too.

I dunno, it scares me that people can be like that, expecially females. Or maybe it's just something I will never understand.

It was amusing to hear them talking I'll say that.

Q: What is it about society that will lead someone to thinking only about the sex and not the person/people involved?

I'm not saying it is bad or good, I just do not understand it or the point of it.

I hope everyone is well

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saizai From: saizai Date: September 22nd, 2002 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
Snooze button, eh?

I've found my recent experiences have helped me understand the brainless sex question somewhat better. I still do not agree with it - I have great affection for the person I met recently, though she is not my girlfriend per se - but I do understand. It is possible for someone to merely use another as a tool, to get the feelings they wish. Of course, it's little better than mastrubation, in that sense, but I suppose that sometimes that is enough. But then, I find the idea of using someone like that to be rather nauseating; even casual sex ought to be a thing of love, at some level.

Of course, I seem to be rather chaste and prudish by modern standards.
(Deleted comment)
moowazz From: moowazz Date: September 23rd, 2002 09:31 am (UTC) (Link)


thank you both

I hope you are well

(Deleted comment)
moowazz From: moowazz Date: September 23rd, 2002 09:34 am (UTC) (Link)

Glad to read I'm not the only one.

I almost thought it was on purpose, like there was a hidden camera or something, especially with the details ~ well yeah, anyhow.

I hope you are well.


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