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Some stuff, more tomorrow probably - a world of possibility
Some stuff, more tomorrow probably
I don't feel like typing everything right now, or finding all my writings either, so that'll wait till tomorrow.

Tonight was wonderful. It had just what most family affairs seem to miss, true fun converation. People who want to be there and enjoy every moment, don't want to leave even.

I also left with food. Always a bonus.
Food count:
-1/2 boisenberry pie (SP?)
-2 1/2 bagels

As for the rest of life, I'm still letting things process a bit.

So I'm meeting somone for lunch.

I pull off the highway and walk inside. It is a huge grocery store.

(Just now, not while dreaming this, it made me think of another dream with a grocery store, I actually think it may be the same one, I wonder if there is any connection)

Anyway, so I don't remember the events in between, but at some point there are some "bad guys" with supernatural powers (I think) and I call my friend nolf, unfortunately he is either mad at me in specific or just in a bad mood, I didn't understand, so he wouldn't talk to me.

I needed his help though to tell me what to do.

At this point my parents are with me and we all get trapped.

Then it kind of starts over, but I have decided that by doing a certain thing I become invisible to the bad guys - hence giving us the possiblity of escaping.

So at this point I am confused whether all this is real, being made up by myself, a game, or something else entirely.

I can't figure out how deep this situation really goes.

that's all I remember. I should have typed it up this morning when it was much more clear.

I changed my mind, well part way. I am going to do a separate post in a minute or so.

I hope everyone is well

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low_key From: low_key Date: September 17th, 2002 09:05 am (UTC) (Link)
MMMMMMM boisenberry pie
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