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Much going on - a world of possibility
Much going on
I'm not sure I comprehend it completely quite yet.

I've been tkaing notes as I just go along for the ride, enjoying it.

I'll go back and review my notes later, process it all.

So my day
-met voice teacher
-decided I like voice teacher
-did 3 kids birthday parties(YAY I have $)
. it was wonderful making all those kids happy (btw, anyone curious, I was dressed as Elmo 2 times and as Jasmine 1- twas quite amusing)
-met up with a wonderful girl who I met at an MTV thing (what a surprise right?)

OK, one part of my notes on this ride

-I see something wonderful-or caught a glimpse of it at least- happening, a possibility that may come to realizations - the good people, the dedicated and caring, slowly rising up above the "power,-money-fame hungry"

It made me feel good inside, especially with all the sadness I see lately.

oh, and btw - yeah I'm addicted to LJ. The fact that I had no time the last 2 days and have still posted?


I hope everyone is well

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