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For all my friends having trouble right now - a world of possibility
For all my friends having trouble right now
I get this e-mail from i-Village.

It's mainly articles with issues for women

Once in a while the subject line pops out at me
. so I read it.

The one recently was this (it will open in a new window).

The subject line in the e-mail was "How's Your Emotional Balance?"

The article is entitled "Get Back to Feeling Good"

I hope this will help, even a tiny bit, any of my friends out there who I see slipping into the abismal signs of depression.

I have been there - maybe not as far as some, maybe worse than some. It sux!

I am what's considered "bi-polar" took meds and all that. I stopped the meds a while ago, but I still have the experience with me and will never go there again.

OK, not gonna say anything more other than that I do hope all of you can find something, even if it's only a small tiny thing in the start, to begin that climb back up.

*lots of love your ways*

I hope you are all well.

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