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stress = really weird dreams - a world of possibility
stress = really weird dreams
Your stress + possibly others = maybe even weirder dreams

So, I couldn't fall asleep last night. I then -while stil awake but trying to fall asleep, see an image of myself when I was younger. I had a dress or flowy sort of clothing on and long hair. My hair was blowing in the wind. The "camera" (I'm watching this as if it were a movie, sorta" moves closer and closer until it's just my eye. I then think "this is really odd, especially since I'm not asleep yet".

Then this morning, around 4:45-5:00 am I woke up and could not go back to sleep for what seemed like forever. Once I finally did, I dreamt that my roommate came home and showed me a bag of stuff he brought home with him from the bar.

There was lots of random stuff, I'm not sure what. The one thing I do remember is him making a big deal of this picture of he and his friends dressed in robes. Green Monk Robes. He mentioned something about he and one of his other friends being too young so they had to wear their clothes underneath - which didn't strik me as making any sense until a bit later since he's 23 and more than old enough to drink- realizing that meant his friend(s) that were old enough had nothing underneath.

I also had a dream where I lived in a boat with my family. Actually this one was sorta long, so I'll just type the highlights.

-walking hom and some lady and man pull over
-man gets out with lady, there is glass on the ground from what looks like an accident (it made sense in the dream, but right now I'm realizing it doesn't since no car actually hit another)
-guy yells for help
-I start calling 911 and realize he has a cell phone (my focus just like zoomed in on it).
-she then gets up from her "helpless" position on the ground calls cops and says there was an accident, blaming me of course
-cops harass me
-I try explaining and end up in tears
-cops are lauhing
-my cousin is there for some reason
-my cousin walks with me back to her house
-then decide I just want to be in my room
-brother brings boat around
-little cousin is playing in water and almost drowns
-rooms in boat "house" much smaller than I remembered (like sized for my little cousin who is 3 or 4).
-boat "house" falls apart, must be re-done.
sidenote: looks like normal big boat from outside, inside, or going up to my room boat looked nothing like normal or even like expected to look from outside.

yeah, weird, not any weirder than I've ever had though.

Don't wanna be late.

*scurries off*

I hope everyone is well

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