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Quotes and some quick thoughts of the day - a world of possibility
Quotes and some quick thoughts of the day
Today was nice.

I think all the time. Especially when I am home
-here home, not NY home.

Live for now.

Too many thoughts come and go to try and get them all down. I'll leave ya with these next two quotes and then an lj-cut to specifics of my day.

Don´t take life too seriously, you´ll never get out of it alive
From "Van Wilder", brought to my attention by a friend.

the only boundary is your mind
in another e-mail.

Saw my friend Sarah. We attempted to go to the zoo, but did not know the light rail stop. Instead we just had lunch and saw part of a street show at the inner Harbor in Baltimore.

For future reference - there actually are 2, repeat, 2 trains on the light rail, not 1. Or to clarify better, 2 different routes.

I am so glad her family has moved back to DC, otherwise I wuold see her less often then I already do.

I then rushed home to eat dinner with my family and cousins and uncles and aunts. It was short and I wish I could've had more in depth conversations, but it was nice to at least see them all.

I then headed out to see arkos where we were joined by schwack and dejhia. It was nice to see them again.

nolf was held up by some important stuff, so we made re-plans for tomorrow. I shall cross my fingers until then. We seem to just miss each other always, LOL.

I then left there and stopped by my friend Sara and Rob's place for a short time. They moved into a new house with his family. They have the basement. It is incredibly nice. It was nice to see them too.

I am now home and ready to sleep once I put my laundry in the dryer.

I have had a wonderful weekend, though a bit distressing trying to see all the friends I would normally see in the course of a month into 1 weekend, I saw about 1/2 of them.

I realized I sometimes miss driving. It is my thinking time, which, manoloray and magpiegeese expect a discussion about your baseball analogy to arise soon. I have a semi "argument" only in the sense of argument how it is used in court. That was a joke. I do have some thoughts though.

I am almost ready to go back to NY.

1 more day, which I shall enjoy.

I hope everyone is well.

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