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breathe damnit! - a world of possibility
breathe damnit!


I am here, safe and sound. The trip was interesting, maybe I'll type it up tonight.

So I've been here, what, almost 5 hours? I've already found I'm lacking time.

I think I need to learn to relax, or to not feel I need to prove something (not sure what) to the world.

Since I've been here I got home, went straight to Applebees to see my lovely dayworkers (I worked days) and remembered I didn't get my last check - so good something accomplished besides just saying hello.

Called my friend Sarah (with an "h") on the way to make plans and my friend Sara on the way back to possibly make plans

Saw my voice teacher for like 2 seconds because I was on my way to pick up my sister

then my sister and I stopped to get me shoes b/c my favorite ones (my merrels) are breaking away at the heals.

I get home, am starving so I rush to the fridge. To my surprise it's stocked. Yum.

nuke food, run up to computer to print directions to my friends house tonight after dinner with folks.

can we say addicted to busy-ness?

So now I shall go spend time with my family, followed by friends and try not to be so one-minute-ahead attitude, and just enjoy relaxing

as for last night, twas a really good time. Thank you for everyone who came and supported, I may type up on it a bit. I only wish I could've said a proper goodbye to my WKU soul.

I look forward to catching up on your lives in the wee hours of the night while the rest of my household is asleep.

*tee hee*

I hope everyone is well.

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