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quick . . . little things - a world of possibility
quick . . . little things
I saw some friends tonight that I don't see too often due to both our schedules.

Twas nice.

I enjoy all my friends for the different aspects they bring to my life.

Also talked with wonderfully unique soul tonight. If all goes well I shall see him tomorrow.


When nothing is expected, you always get more than you bargained for.
Sometimes more than you would've asked for if you did ask for anything.

I look forward to this weekend home.
-Free Laundry (tee hee)
and more

Acting: Well, things seem to be going better and better.
For anyone interested
- starting voice lessons.
-continuing with accents
-work on new monologues, eventually to be used in auditions
-keep reading plays (kinda slowed a bit)
-continue to find a balance between free time and acting time
-getting new headshots eventually
-getting comp card photos (this it more for modeling, I have to research this)
-fitting into my schedule the dance classes I signed up for oh so long ago
-just keep plugging away at it

I am much more relaxed recently. I have realized that it is ok if not everything is about acting. There will always be more that I can do or learn directly related to acting, but if I don't take the time to do other things, I won't be well rounded anyhow. In order to be a great actor I must be well rounded as a person.

On this note . . .

I must sleep because, though my first audition tomorrow is later than I thought (whoops) it is not that late. I also would end up babbling and currently have no point to make.

I hope everyone is well

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