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So I am jucinated - a world of possibility
So I am jucinated
I am feelin the energy of the world

it flows freely

I'm lavishing my senses in it.

Cut #1
The world is your oyster, Taurus. Over the next days, your beauty shines forth in ways that you never imagined possible. People of all walks of life are mysteriously drawn to you. You are as lucky as you feel, especially in the areas of love and calculated risk. Don't feel as though you have to please everyone -- you are free to choose your own company. Tonight, a secret admirer finally comes out of the shadows.

well cept the secret admirer part. I don't believe I got any a those. None are secret. . . joke

and for the week from freewillastrology
You now have access to the wonderful abundance of the primal phallus. Before you giggle, let me remind you that while the meaning of "phallus" includes the mere penis, it also goes far beyond. It is a mythic symbol of procreative power; the archetype of nature's restless urge to regenerate itself; a force both physical and psychic, generous and fierce, protective and demanding. And you, Taurus, are now sitting atop a huge, throbbing source of this vital force.

explains the overwhelming energy vibes
So much I want to share, so for now you shall all receive since there is no one extra special in me life (if ya know what I mean)

So lately I've been sharing mind waves with people, or maybe the energy is just in the air.

2 subjects as of late that I wrote of in my pixie pages recently . . .

for piquancy

Cut #2
The first 1/4 of our life (well depending how long we live) is created with so much structure.

We have class schedules, play dates, activities, then school + plans with friends, then jobs - somewhere during Highschool usually-, then college w/class schedules + vacations + activities.

Then we graduate and there is this big broad open space called time. It is up to us to create a "schedule".

So for those of us in any sort of artistic field we have been left toteach ourselves a new way of thinking. We may accomplish QUITE a bit, and yet not know it because we have felt nothing of a rigorous schedule.

continued thought . . .

it's ok not to go by "society"'s vision of structure=productive. I have accomplished a great deal lately, and I now feel good about it. It was hard to break from the traditional train of thought, and at first I was scared and nervous and anxious, but now, well it's quite freeing actually.



for onesoul

Cut #3
I cannot say how thoroughly and intensely I enjoy some music

the rest of the thought

I was sitting listening to my songs play randomly on my computer, and then one of the songs I enjoy incredibly a great deal more than most came on. It just fills me with this wonderful energy. Energy in the sense of essence and feeling rather than "hyper" energy. That's the best way I can describe it.


As for clear cut things I am muy muy excitedemundo for my production meeting for the film tomorrow.

I am looking forward to . . .
. bartending next week! Gotta figger out what ta wear
. more sketching or painting with magpiegeese
.henna with sassenach
.going back to remote lounge with beargran and others
.working on more songs with thetroubeador

I am finding new things out about people

I am continuing my experiment (SP?) with kind soul under big ego.

Note to lordrexfear: Thank you, warning taken into mind. On the other hand, I am not attached, as you hopefully see, so . . . it's better than ruining another friendship to learn from, plus I enjoy the company and I learn a good deal anyhow.

Tonight was quite fun and amusing.

I may be in a chorus - I do hope I got in, I have not sang in quite some time with anyone other than for auditions.

It's all, well I am being overwhelmed and enveloped in wonderful energy and I'm loving it. I don't even know what I want to say, all the thoughts and ideas are trying to push to the front all at once. An ocean trying to squeeze through a portal the size of a sandcastle.

So, instead of blabbering and not making sense I shall go to sleep. I think I've become a night person and must find a night job so as to coincide with my schedule. I think I may have some options too. I must investigate.

I hope everyone is well

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lordrexfear From: lordrexfear Date: August 28th, 2002 01:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
I trust you implicitely! :)
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