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a world of possibility
Things I like about myself
*the way I sound on my answering machine
*my cooking
ex: the taste of the food I made for the week (and have continued since it was good)
. . . pasta, breaded chicken bits, onion, garlic, portabello mushroom, spinach, topped with tomatoe sauc and parmesian cheese (topped not cooked into so as not to stain the tupperware)
*my inner battles - that I have them
*my hunger for learning
*that I have passions ~ especially acting~ and the strength to pursue them
*my want for all my friends to be happy, but realizing I cannot provide them with this, only support and sometimes nudge

What I like about my friends - not everyone has every quality, some are only specific to one person

*they teach me new things
*they learn new things from me
*they can be objective
*they can be overcome by emotion
*they are willing to be silly with me, or at least not laugh AT me
*they care
*they are able to realize I get overwhelmed and this does not mean I have forgotten
*they seem to do things I need, but don't want to ask for.

your turn!

What do you like about yourself?
What do you like about your friends?

Anything you would like to share with the world? Anything at all? Or anything you would like to know?

I got a wonderful night's sleep last night and had soooo much energy today. I took advice from this article since I didn't have anything I had to do today until 8PM.

I hope everyone is well.

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avatarstormcrow From: avatarstormcrow Date: August 22nd, 2002 06:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hmmm...what do I like about myself? Introspection just leads me in circles. I'm where I need to be. :)
moowazz From: moowazz Date: August 23rd, 2002 10:22 am (UTC) (Link)


I'm glad you are alive and enjoying being you

you disappear so often and randomly

I hope you be well

avatarstormcrow From: avatarstormcrow Date: August 23rd, 2002 01:38 pm (UTC) (Link)


I do tend to vanish, yes. Symptom of the trade, I fear. As for my wellness...that's a subject of some debate. ;)
sassenach From: sassenach Date: August 23rd, 2002 07:53 am (UTC) (Link)
the way I sound on my answering machine

must be nice! this is one of the things i hate about myself (one fo the very few, though)!

it's kinda creepy that this is the second time today i've been "told" to write about myself (the first time was in a book i'm reading)... must be a cosmic hint...
moowazz From: moowazz Date: August 23rd, 2002 10:02 am (UTC) (Link)

I actually used to hate it.

I called the other day to see if I had any messages. I've changed my mind and like it.

and yes, maybe it is a hint, as to what it'll lead to, that is the question

I hope you are well

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