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refreshed, energized, rejuvinated : juicerized - a world of possibility
refreshed, energized, rejuvinated : juicerized
juicerized= you know how there are those machines where you can just stick fruits and veetables in and it makes a juice, like carrot apple juice, or orange guava - I dunno- and they are supposed be really good for you and give you lots of energy?

Yeah, that.

Anyhow, I had a wonderful day.

I think every few weeks I just need some sunshine, trees, grass, some outdoor nature stuff. It's just so incredibly wonderful. Maybe I'll bring people eventually.

Plus to just breathe and let everything go. No pressure, no deadlines, no "if I don't . . . it's the end of the world" because it's not. And even though I may not think that exact phrase, that's how I end up feeling if I don't end up accomplishing to no end - only if I put pressure on myself that is.

I went to Manhasset for an audition. It went well. I think I have too many conflicts right now, since I've just signed up for a few classes, to get into anything in the next month or so, but it went well none-the-less and I need all the audition practice I can get.

I came home and did laundry. I finished 2 plays today, one of which was Our Town. The point, or what I took out of it, is to appreciate as much of life, as much of whatever moment we are living, as possible. Of course it is almost impossible to appreciate every last second, but we rarely appreciate what we can. I try. I think I had lost that for a while - going back to my pressure as the reasoning.

It made me smile.

Another sketching session today. I am the subject, not the sketcher, and yet I feel I am getting just as much out of it. There is something about someone who can put on paper what you put out in essence. I am re-gaining some of my "sillyness" as one person says, or as another person put "oddness", the stuff that apparently comes out in my journal, but not in person.

I'm glad.

And I love my hat, which I must attempt a picture of me in it at some point, maybe once I finish this post.


And last of all, as I'm sure some are curious and also in reply to many comments on my somewhat recent post, relationship(s). I have decided to go with a flow, the one that has most recently picked me up. I shall not attempt any structure, nor any expectations and just enjoy what I am given. See the beauty of the souls that surround me, and a little comfort as well.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being you and for sharing yourselves.

This twas a bit long, but this is for me :)

I hope everyone is well

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