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Reality becomes me - a world of possibility
Reality becomes me
I dunno, the title just typed itself through usage of my fingers .

I like it though :)

I was sitting in the subway (happy NY natives?) and realized I had lost some of my wonder and excitement from when I first moved. All of a sudden it was there again.

~the man with the crooked nose, overly wide expressive eyes. dressed almost from a dick tracey-ish era, or maybe it was more swing kids. a very kewl hat, black button down shirt with sleeves roller above the elbow unbuttoned over a white T with dark green slacks.

The crooked nose, which was crooked in the perfect way, it was like someone took the clay that made his face and just twisted the tiniest bit, only the rest of his face stayed in place. I attempt, but do not explain well enough

~the elfish spritely looking woman with a pointy-ish nose and ears, who, with looking at her demeanor, probably would not enjoy that statement, not take it as a compliment

~the sad nervous fella too uncomfortable and anxious to be married or engaged as his ring gave away - unless that's maybe what made him nervous :)

and I'm off to get clean and go explore yet another place new to me brought there by way of audition (well reason = audition, brought there physically by the Long Island Railroad.

Thank you all for being you!

I hope everyone is well

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From: piquancy Date: August 21st, 2002 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)


I remember whilst I lived in Boston....I would ride the T everywhere.....and the people always intrigued me.

Never let yourself become jaded......never let it lose its luster.

Sometimes..there's nothing you can do to stop the collecting dust, but....just know...you can always go to the store and buy more Pledge......~winks and smiles~
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