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Surreallism - a world of possibility
Sometimes things do just come together

and yet I don't like or want to expect them to
because then is when they don't

So my life lately has been . . . interesting

very odd sleep schedule
.waking up multiple times at odd hours
. intertwined with VERY vivid, weird, sometimes morbid, scary, or ghastly looking dreams, though they don't scare me.

If anyone knows me well, they know my dreams are normally odd, so me saying they are odd, they've taken one step further. Some are just lots and lots of images.

Then there is my waking life.
open to baring my soul
well only a little at first, we'll see how it goes from there
I have gotten my first bartending job.
the world around me seems surreal
I smile because every time I step on the metro I notice a good number of people reading
I'm signed up for classes
People are surprising
in good ways at that
"NYC" I am still amused
to explain more coherantly (SP?). . .
I think the fact the people put 'NYC '
instead of 'New York, NY'
like the rest of the country who separates their city and state
that just shows more about NYers
how unique and special they all want to be

I think, sometimes, I am going slightly insane
not in a bad "I am going to kill people" way either
more, the world just seems incredibly . . .
I'm not even sure how to describe it
this should scare me
and yet
it does not

I could babble all night. I shall not. I think I need to chat with a friend of mine, or rather e-mail.


I hope everyone is well.

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almjbs From: almjbs Date: August 13th, 2002 04:48 am (UTC) (Link)

I hope you are well too! Sounds like things are coming together! Excellent work!
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