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Rejuvination - a world of possibility
Today was wonderful.

I went to the Whitney with a friend and had some nice conversation, including some new and different viewpoints. They were mentioned, not forced. I always love that.

Then I went with my Great Aunt to "The MAC/ASCAP Songwriter's Showcase" and dinner.

The showcase basically is like taking a bunch of songs from separate musicals (only one song from each musical) and having them sung. Also an interview with Stephen Schwartz.

It was wonderful.

I am feeling much better and ready to start the next round.

I must not forget to take time to relax.

to breathe

Step 1: Buy plays for new monologues I have picked out
Step 2: Stop by the New School and possibly register for a monologue or audition class (just something)
Step 3: Go to Ballet class.
Step 4: Relax for a bit (this is the most important part)
Step 5: Social event tomorrow evening for mingling with actors, producers, casting people, etc.

I hope everyone is well

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