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me, somewhere - a world of possibility
me, somewhere
You may feel like rushing out and doing things, which isn't typical behavior for the practical Taurus. Keep in mind that the more hurried you are, the more behind you might get. Slow down, and you'll make fewer errors. Don't just rush out and make impulsive purchases. Hasty decisions could result in costly mistakes. Do some research, ask around and make sure you're getting a good deal. Be the final judge, no matter what kind of advice you get. By staying grounded and taking things slowly, you'll feel better about your choices.

yes, I'm posting my horoscope again.

I've many emotions, though they're much more muted then, say, a month ago. I'm learning the reality of situations and therefore able to respond more to the actuality than just what seems or what is wanted.

Anyhow, very, very busy. Any friends I have, be prepared for what may seem a lag in actual real world contact. I've spent a bit too much time being "social". As much as I enjoy it, I have much I need to do for my career goals, the entire reason I came here. So please do not be offended.

I will spend time when I can, but it will be much less often and has nothing to do with you.

Now that that's out . . .

Time for bed. Busy week. Many auditions, mom and sister in town, and trying to squeeze in a few new aquaintances. Hopefully learn to play snooker and read some books too.

I hope everyone is well.

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