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So umm yeah, part deux, the "deeper" part: Shall we delve? - a world of possibility
So umm yeah, part deux, the "deeper" part: Shall we delve?
I see everyone's lives on here. Each one of you has something special, unique, different. Thank you for sharing youreslves.

I realized the other day, I wasn't typing up some things I wrote in my journal for fear of seeming like "I know everything, I'm great, I am so smart and intelligent" coming across.

I then saw somewhere, I think it was in lao_tzu

yes it twas
Wise souls don't hoard;
the more they do for others the more they have,
the more they give the richer they are.

in the same respect, someone, I believe my voice teacher, said to share the little bits of wisdom we have. How else can others learn from you, just as youlearn and enjoy so much from them.

It is the choice of others whether to keep and use the wisdom. If they don'tlike it or disagree, I'm not forcing anything on anyone, they can just disregard it.

so . . .

one more post (so as not to kill anyone)


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