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So, umm, . . . yeaaah - a world of possibility
So, umm, . . . yeaaah
Right now I've got his really weird feeling

I'm not sure whether to be creeped out, worried about my friends, or worried about myself (as in maybe I'm getting sick, LOL) - the latter not really a probelm.

This odd feeling sot of just slowly became apparent this evening.

I hope everyone is alright. If not, pleeeese contact me, phone, e-mail, IM (if I'm on).


next order of business

I am quite well

been homebound for the greater part of this weekend doing acting stuff. I'm doing my big mailing tomorrow - over 100 headshot and resumes being sent to various agencies and a few for auditions.

I ran out of stamps, so those will be bought tomorrow.


I am now a certified bartender. *YIPEEE*

I have also been working towards finding new monologues.

I have met some interesting people, made some new friends, found some people just wanted other things- they quickly saw themselves to the nearest "out" (I said - if you're looking for action go else-where, so they did. hee hee).


Current Music: mozart - moonlight sonata

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From: acidicvoice Date: July 21st, 2002 08:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
congrads on mastering mixology...

If you get wild over Moonlight Sonata, the Depeche Mode cover is worth listening to...
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