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Lonelyness trancends - a world of possibility
Lonelyness trancends
~mismatched socks
~a vintage looking shirt
~a book (a REAL book)
~ a smile of understanding

a similar soul across from me
and I smile

and I get off at my stop.

not saying a word.


I've let a bubble enclose me lately

Or a shade

my peripheral is not as clear

I find it harder to

I don't know.


Where is that line between working towards your goals in life and having a life?


Oddities of life

and such is me.

I had a nice night

I need some good friends

more then just one or two.


and I'm sick of not dating

but I don't want to date

again the paradox of me.



I'll be good with a dose of sleep.

many people reading
-on the subway
-in their apartments

self-improvement books too


and yet, some of these people still haven't grasped it to the full concept


I must be patient and accepting

everyone moves at their own pace

with their own goals

and for all I know

I could be completely wrong!


I apologize for the length, I really do not feel like LJ cutting.

I hope everyone is well.

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From: nolf Date: July 17th, 2002 09:40 am (UTC) (Link)
you're in a world of MORE people.

therefore, the numbers have drastically increased.

the number of like souls.
the number of people you can't relate to.

you're still wet behind the ears.

soon, that will be your home. nothing will look strange, it will all just be burned into you subconscious memories.

soon, you'll feel totally at home, because the place you live, will slowly become that.
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