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Little things - a world of possibility
Little things
So I'm sitting back and observing the world a bit.

It's an odd place to be.

I'm enjoying it, but more for what I'm learning then the recent experiences themselves.

I update my poetry more often it seems.

I want someone to share with. For purely selfish reasons too. Tis not as enjoyable to be happy and not share it.

My happiness in itself should be enough, my enjoyment with accomplishment -with creation that comes out as I mean it to (even if no other person understands it)- and one day I hope to be in that state of mind.

Currently, I like to share. Just for that reason. No opinions, no insight gained, no praises, no contradiction, no criticism. Just for the sake of sharing.

So . . .

If anyone is curious

Here is my poetry. At least the poetry I put online.

The folks visit tomorrow. This should be interesting.

I hope you are all well.

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