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A bit more - a world of possibility
A bit more
I've been in almost a dream lately

but not quite

I dunno how to put it.


yes that would be best.

My phone line is working again, but I will not have DSL until the 25th now.

I prolly won't be updating much for a while, so don't worry when you don't see anything but comments.

I came home today and found a dead mouse. It looked like it had been dead a while. I just hope my kitties weren't the cause of it's demise. Not that I could have done anything had I been here, I just felt bad for the poor thing.

I read this just now. It made me smile (I had an icky feeling since the mouse).

There's been more teasing than pleasing going on in your vicinity, Taurus; more bluffing and waffling than getting to the point. I know you'd prefer to put an end to this nonsense with a simple, direct intervention, but consider this: A bit of counter-subterfuge may be the only approach that will defuse the subterfuge. Here are some tips: Learn more about the power of unpredictability by studying five-year-olds and Scorpios. Be politely skeptical of anyone who is acting nice as a way to avoid being real. Never take "maybe" for an answer; insist on the magic of crisp, clear choices.

Twas my horoscope (www.freewillastrology.com) for this past week (July 11). I colored my favorite parts. Funny, I just noticed, I read "scorpions".

I read most of Confessions of a Nightingale on the train. It's by Charlotte Chandler and Ray Strick;yn. The main, and only, character is Tennessee Williams

I notice more things as a paradox lately ~ not only myself.

from the play:
Extravagance is everything in life to me. I don't like middle things, I like excesses. I'd do just about anything not to bore people.

and later

Theatre isn't life! Life is very slow! Life is often better when it's boring!

It's quite an interesting play.

I have bunches of auditions and must work work work on my monologues and singing.

I hope everyone is well

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acidexia From: acidexia Date: July 14th, 2002 03:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey there. You still willing to help me out with the lamp?
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