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Tis a continuous stream - a world of possibility
Tis a continuous stream
The spotlight is on you, and the only thing you need to worry about for the meantime is that you don't abuse your power. People who would ordinarily run when they see you coming are going to open up to you. Those who admire you will be extra attentive and laudatory. Take advantage of this celestial climate. Use the heightened energy to get a hold of those problems that have been weighing you down lately. You have plenty of opportunity now

My horoscope for today.

OK, will take into account.

so . . .

It started in a bar called No Idea. There was a Alice in Wonderland theme on the wall. It reminded me of a bar at home I liked quite well. It was nice.

I met an odd assortment of people tonight, each unique in their own way. It was very much enjoyable.

I hope at least some, if not all, are in my near future.

When I take things one step at a time, instead of trying to get everything done at once, or trying to accomplish it all

taking breaks to breathe once in a while

it's O Kay to take a break

I'm not expected to work 24/7

then I find I am more at peace, get more accomplished, am more fulfilled.

Patience is something of great power when encompassed to it's full capacity.

Everyday remind myself this. It's nice when it actually goes in.




I hope everyone is well.

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