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Will you be ok? - a world of possibility
Will you be ok?
This phrase has been going through my head randomly throughout the past 2 days.

Since my mom left.

She asked me that.

It didn't even occur to me.


I'm really happy

really accomplished




and yet

maybe it's because I haven't made my nook yet

I finished cleaning (finally. And there is something else I hate . . .
the smell of Pine Sol)

And I wanted to celebrate.

I wanted to share my accomplishment with someone.


I wanted to share my excitement with someone else.

It's not a need it's just nice

ya know?

OK, so other than the Pine Sol issue, I'm pretty good. I've got a few more things I need. I have a few more things to put away. I know K-mart a bit too well, LOL. I shall be researching becoming certified in programming and web design (any suggestions are MORE than welcome!

Anyone who I haven't sent my new # to and would like it, drop me an e-mail. :)

OK, I've gotta cook some dinner before it's too too late

*looks at bottom of screen*




I hope everyone is well.

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