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Yes - I m alive :) - a world of possibility
Yes - I m alive :)
So it's been a weekend.

An interesting one at that.

Picked up my two friends from Colorado, Matt and Erik, from the aeropuerto on friday.

They are incredibly amusing and quite opposites, a paradox in themselves.

One is quite outgoing will talk with anyone (literally-watch the video) likes to drink likes to meet new people.

The other loves to just read books, stay in, a bit shy.

Friday I left for performance while they took a nap.

musus aligator13 another friend Ali and I know from highschool (Laura), and my friend Sarah came to see my play that night, but unfortunately they didn't join us on our evening adventure that ended in food and a bad lemondrop shot for Erik. Though Sarah made it to my house, one step closer.

Saturday was spent at the pool on, or rather diving off of the diving board. Then to the grocery store for ingredients to make Mint Brownies!!! Thanks to saint_monkey for the recipe.

It was so nice. I haven't been swimming in FOREVER!

My two friends visiting from Colorado and a friend from My School, Brooks, saw the play last night.

Then we (Erik, Matt, and myself)+ a co-cast member went to DC picked up my cousin and her friend from school.

Brooks and I found a hidden away room above the bar at JPaul's in Georgetown. We sat there for probably almost 2 hours just watching people on the streets of DC. We made up stories, watched 3 girls in an argument, a guy who needed a jump start and a cabbie who charged him, a guy who walked by that part of the strip of street about 5 times by himself. I felt so bad for him.

It was nice. There was much silence in between short spurts of discussion and it was nice. No pressure felt (i'm not going to try to explain that, but if you are an empath or around people who often are insecure you may understand). I mean I got teased to no end for the first 30 seconds when returning to the group, but a change of subject and it was forgotten. :)

Today is my final performance of Charley's Aunt.. Then to the cast party. We shall see if our cooking (Matt, Erik, and myself) was any good. Followed by sleep and a day trip to the beach tomorrow.

I'm all tingles because a week from today I will be all packed (hopefully) and leaving 2 days later!

I hope everyone is well.

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