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So the move went . . . . rather well - a world of possibility
So the move went . . . . rather well
4 keys to add to my key chain.

One mattress, box spring, and couch that got to view my apartment (or at least part of it - the couch got a hall view) and came back. Lucky them huh?

I met one possibility for a roommate. He seemed like a good possibility.
$= stable
quiet (no big parties all the time)
a little shy~ but we can work on that.
knows the city

I would like to meet this one girl before making a decision, but we shall see if she can do it before I would like someone to move in by.

Last night, very little sleep. Many goofy pictures (even some of me), warm arms, and well, I just don't know. I hope I helped ( with at least 2 of the dilemnas) (-?-)

Eh, I shall just be me. If tis not enough or tis not good, well, that's all I can offer.

My dad and I had one interesting conversation on the way up about enlightenment, self worth, view of self, buddihsm (however it's spelled) and a few other things. IT was interesting. We seem to think fairly similarly. We also communicate fairly well.

Many feelings throughout the day. All in all a good conclusion though. :)

I think I need sleep, my trains of thoughts, well, I am thinking in random spurts that don't make sense even to myself in any odd way that they normally do.

So . . .

Unless anyone would like get a hold of me before tomorrah . . .

I am going to dream land where anything I want can happen

~ well instant gratification wise.

In "real" land, it can too, there's usually just a little more effort and complexities of our minds and "reality" therefore not allowing everything to work out as easily and we don't always know eggzactleee what we want.

I hope you are all well.

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