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center - a world of possibility
So . . .

As I typed before
(btw I am thinking with a British accent now. Tis quite scary)
anyhow, as I typed before I have been a busy busy bee.

Thair ah all these thawts in mahyee head trahyeeng to come uhcraws at wunce and it does nawt werk very well. They just form a blahckade and then nun of them come out.

OK, enough attempts with the british hyphenetics (wrong word, but you understand).

I've been learning much.

I have plans this weekend of which I do not know what to expect, so I shall be what I try to be usually, expecting nothing.

I also catch myself going to old habits or picking up habits of others which I do not want. At least I catch them , this mens I can change them, not pick them up, ornot 2go back to them.

I have been really, I'm not sure, but I've had an undertone within me of contentment and peacefulness and fullness. It's hard to explain. It's not like a "happy all the time" because everything goes right, because many things do not, but I still have this feeling within me.

OK, on to the next post . . .

I hope everyone is well.

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